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What Is a Topic Sentence?

A topic sentence launches the main idea of the paragraph and underpins the thesis of the paper by projecting highlighted aspects of its theme. As you read through the essay, topic sentences can emphasize the logical train of thought in the development of the theme. The topic sentence is usually the first sentence of a paragraph, but a topic sentence crafted as a periodic sentence can instil drama into the reading. It announces the substance of a paragraph by calling attention to a controlling idea or particular point of view on the topic. The paragraph is then threshed out with supporting sentences showing examples and evidence to buttress the central idea.

Why Are Topic Sentences Important?

Topic sentences are vital aspects of papers and essays that brace the main thesis. A reading of good topic sentences throughout the essay will establish a developing thread of logic that helps the reader understand the writer’s point of view better. It offers up a mini-thesis, in tandem with the main thesis and at the same time serves as an anchor for the theme of individual paragraphs. Topic sentences are assertive propositions that need to be backed up with evidential data in the rest of the paragraph. This invests an extra dimension of importance in it as an element of the essay. It is the beginning of an argument that fleshes out a premise in the thesis. A topic sentence must be carefully phrased for content and effect. In general, a well written essay uses a string of topic sentences distributed in paragraphs as a framework for presenting, extending and supporting the main ideas of its thesis statement. You will realize that from the IELTS Band Descriptors Document that this is exactly what is required to secure a Band 8+ score and if you fail to craft this framework into your essay, then your band score will remain at 6 and lower, even if your vocabulary and grammar is outstanding.

Write a Topic Sentence in 7 Steps

How to Write a Topic Sentence in 7 Steps

Writing percipient topic sentences in the paragraphs of your essay can be the crucial
aspect of developing an outstanding one. Here are 7 steps to writing telling topic

1. Develop a Thesis Statement first. Your grasp of the content of your essay will be organized by developing a thesis statement that paraphrases the whole essay in a few thoughts. A good thesis statement functions like a pathfinder device in the aggregation of information, data and facts. As incipient ideas are crafted into structured paragraphs, the central theme of each paragraph begins to evolve. This is transitioned into the topic sentence of the paragraph. The thesis statement will be the blueprint to structure the essay.

2. Create a Synoptic Framework for your Paper. This outline of your work will organize your paragraphs around their central themes so as to underpin your thesis statement. You will get an idea of how each paragraph should buttress the thesis statement by assembling the content around a focused idea that thrusts out the topic of the paragraph.

3. Be lucid and coherent. Once you formulate the topic sentence, it should instantly convey the central idea of the paragraph. You must craft the sentence to conform to the flowing development of the main theme. Each paragraph builds on the idea in the paragraph before it with a supporting idea that aggrandizes it. Topic sentences must supply the coherence to string the paragraphs together in an evolving theme that reinforces the logic of the argument.

4. State an opinion. Topic sentence should establish your point of view or opinion to seize the interest of the reader. An authoritative assertion will exhibit the conviction of your opinion which you must base on good research and reliable information. The reader must be swayed by overwhelming logic and persuasive argument as he proceeds through each successive paragraph. This is where good topic sentences will remain in his mind as an outline of what he has read.

5. Create a smooth paragraph-to-paragraph transition. When all the topic sentences are crafted to emphasize the synoptic content of each paragraph, and ordered to present a developing narrative, they offer by themselves a seamless transition of themes that form a précis of the whole essay. So the paragraphs read in whole just thresh out the theme statement.

6. Use the periodic sentence occasionally to craft your topic sentence. This will inject drama into the reading. Essays can turn monotonous when following a very predictable style of writing. Topic sentences can jar the attention with dramatic effect. For this, use of the periodic sentence is an excellent strategy.

7. Generally keep your topic sentences short. The central idea of the paragraph is then quickly presented and the reader’s interest is piqued. He anticipates the rest of the paragraph with curious interest and stays riveted on the building theme.

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