Best 5 Tips to Crack IELTS Exam

According to seasoned IELTS course teachers and the best way to crack IELTS exam, from their experience, a candidate should break down the primary goal of achieving a pass in IELTS to setting smaller composite goals. Over the course of your preparation, if you are achieving smaller daily and weekly goals, what you will be doing is maintaining a consistent performance standard. This calls for a carefully planned schedule of learning and study.  It also entails a diligent application of your commitment and determination to work hard at achieving your main goal – a high band score. The first and foremost steps to start your preparation requires you to


Understand the structure of the Test

The IELTS Exam is structured as four papers

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

available for you to choose from two different modules

They are dissimilar in the writing and reading papers.

Passing the Listening Paper:

Podcasts are a great way to fill your mind with the sounds of the native English speaker or speakers uttering the language in their natural cadences and intonations. You can imbibe these sounds even unconsciously while busy with other chores. Listen to some spoken English every day. Even a brief 3 or 4 minutes will help you stay in touch. Another tip to prepare for the Listening test is thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the 6 IELTS Listening Tasks:

Try and focus on Matching questions the most. Find a mentor to guide you through confusing and distracting questions so you can handle them on your own as soon as possible. So, one of your daily goals is to listen to English at a set time for a preset period. Your weekly goal can be completing an exercise sheet for each of the listening tasks listed above.

Passing the Reading Paper:

Reading is all about vocabulary. You need to persistently develop your vocabulary. A word enters your vocabulary when you can

It is recommended that you read a little bit every day. Find a news story or a magazine article or even a cooking recipe. Read across a wide variety of topics. Remember the content is immaterial for now. The objective is to find new words and add them to your vocabulary. You could use flashcards to jot down new words you come across. The reverse side can show how to spell and pronounce it, along with its meaning. Here the useful tip is to develop the art of knowing multiple synonyms for a word. This kind of reinforces the word in your vocabulary. Your daily goal can be to spend 10 or 15 minutes reading articles or short reports in newspapers. Your weekly goal can be to increment your vocabulary by a specific number of words. That means a friend or mentor should test you if you know the spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of all these words.                                                                                                                                                                    

Passing the Writing Paper:

For the purpose this blog we are just condensing the writing tips to just one category for both academic and general writing. Good writing must be reflected in the flawless grammar constructions in your sentences. From the smallest elements like articles and prepositions need to be employed just write. Otherwise, the impression you give is an ability to comprehend the simplest concepts of grammatical composition. How then could you convince anyone that you could pass the IELTS exam? So your daily goal task should be a brief study of the grammatical components of building a correct sentence. Start with words, the different types like articles, nouns, adjectives verbs etc. This must lead to sentences, then paragraphs and then of course essays should follow. Structuring your essay is crucial to the writing paper of IELTS. The building up of the essay from its introductory paragraph, through 2 or 3 body paragraphs, and of course through its conclusion is vital to presenting a sound comprehension of writing concepts in Essay writing. Your weekly objective must be to draw up initially, well constructed paragraphs with the sentences you learnt to construct during the week. Again, the assistance of a mentor is invaluable to assess your continuing performance and correct and guide you on the right path. The mentor can instruct you correctly since he is aware of the IELTS writing criteria. The Band Descriptors clearly spell out how you should write to achieve a high score.

Passing the Speaking Paper :

Obviously, articulating whatever academic lessons you may have mastered in learning English as a foreign language is a rather daunting task for a beginner. The best way to get more confident in speaking English is to insert yourself into an environment of native English speakers and interact with them on a daily basis.bIf this is not practical, do not be dismayed. There is always the world wide web to simulate such an environment. You can exploit the features of conference apps to speak to native speakers. Even voice messages from native speakers can help and your responses to them will give you feedback on whether you are correctly speaking English. At the very least, you could read aloud to practice your speaking skills. If you choose dramatic stories with dialog, you can modulate your tone to practice intonation and cadence. So, your daily objective could include a 15-minute session of reading aloud, to a live audience if possible. Practicing the 2-minute oration in the IELTS test is critical to passing the speaking paper. So your weekly objective in this section must include a two-minute oration. Several websites offer techniques to master the Speaking paper, with sample questions from old tests. You could also perform a mock speaking test on a weekly basis to bolster your skills.

Conclusion | Crack IELTS Exam 2022

Finally, the biggest tip is to address a common mistake that many candidates commit. Do not leave your preparation to the last possible minute. This is so inherently foolhardy because the IELTS is a very serious order of business. The assessment methodology is extremely severe and never to be taken for granted. Besides you own requirements might be just as serious as to require careful and lengthy preparation. Migration requirements, job requirements or University entrance requirements demand a dedicated application of your effort and time. So plan well in advance and schedule your preparations.


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