IDP or British Council: Which is the Best in IELTS

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What is IDP?

IDP was established in 1963 as Australian Asian Universities’ Cooperation Scheme, AAUCS in Australia, that is 53 years ago. Later, the change was named into the International Development Program in 1981. IDP offers placements for students in the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Canada. Their headquarters is situated in Melbourne, Australia. IDP is spread across 31 countries with hundred plus offices and 550 counselors. In 1989, launched IELTS (International English Language Test System) partnering with the British Council and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

What is British Council?

Whereas British Council, offering cultural and educational opportunities. It was founded in 1934, 88 years ago, headquartered in Stratford, London. Their service spread across 140 countries. They do provide quality study materials so that the exam candidates can have access to easy and excellent ways to carry out the exams. They offer incredible opportunities for students around the world to explore outside their hometown and find a job or study abroad in a reputed university to fulfill their dream and settle in their dream country.

British Council or IDP | cambridge

The one and only standard English Language test is relied upon as a proof of language proficiency by government offices, employers, and other organizations of different countries. Cambridge English is part of Cambridge University. Over 5 million people take IELTS tests compiled by Cambridge English Assesment each year.

Planning to take the IELTS exams, but, confused which one to choose, IDP IELTS or British Council IELTS? Where should you take the IELTS test?

The answer is simple.

There’s no difference between IELTS test in IDP and BC. The marking and the IELTS examiners also don’t have any difference. Both the IDP and BC conducts the IELTS tests in a similar manner. But the IELTS exams are compiled by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Who Own IELTS?

Listening, reading, writing, and speaking are the four phases of the IELTS test.Over the years, IELTS has set an international standard for English language testing in all the skills mentioned above. The IELTS test is jointly owned by the British Council, London, IDP IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English. Globally, it offers academic excellence and cultural understanding at the highest level. Both IELTS British Council test and IELTS IDP tests have no major difference.

IDP or British Council IELTS Exam

IELTS Examiners Marking at IDP & BC

The IELTS examiners of both IELTS IDP and BC IELTS follow the same IDP and BC exam guidelines and have completed similar training courses. In order to become an IELTS examiner, one must have an undergraduate degree in a related field. A TESOL/TESL/TEFO or any other English language teaching qualification. To become certified IELTS examiner, they need at least 3 years of experience in English teaching before they undergo IELTS training by an expert. To get certified as an IELTS examiner one should mark a number of writing and speaking exams constantly and regularly. 

The four skills of English Language are assessed based on different criteria and guidelines. The IELTS exam band ranges from a score of 1 to 9. A score 1 indicates non-user of language, whereas 9 indicates an expert user of the language. Candidates can score full scores or half scores on all four skill tests, and the average of these scores determines the candidate’s overall band score. Both IDP and BC IELTS examiners follow the same marking structure, same criteria, and same band score descriptors to ensure unbiased marking.


There are many misconceptions regarding the IELTS BC and IELTS IDP tests, one among these is that many think IELTS British Council tests are more lenient and whereas others think, IELTS IDP tests are simpler. In reality there’s no such thing, whether you book your IELTS exams through IDP or British Council, the difficulty level of the exams will be the same. Yes, neither of them are easy going, until you are thoroughly prepared for it.

The IELTS test can be taken in academic or general formats. Speaking and listening tests will be of the same type, but writing and reading tests will be different. Among the four skills, three will be tested without a break in one day. As for the speaking test, it will be completed up to a week before or after the other tests. The overall IDP results and BC results depend on the candidates performance on  above mentioned tests.

IDP or British Council | Which is the best in IELTS


Whether it’s IDP IELTS or BC IELTS, accents are not assessed in IELTS speaking tests and it won’t affect your IDP results or British Council test results. Fluency, pronunciation, grammar and accuracy, lexical sources, and the vocabulary you use to communicate your ideas are four important factors for speaking tests in IELTS exams.

In the IELTS exam, listening tests expose the candidate to people speaking English as their first language from different areas around the world, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, or Australia. All of them will be speaking English, but with their own accents. This will make it extremely difficult for the candidate to catch up with it and succeed. For this purpose, candidates should regularly practice listening skills by listening to diverse materials, such as an Australian chef reality show, a British news channel, etc.

The IELTS examiners of both the IELTS IDP and British Council Test , they will be marking your listening and speaking skills as briefed above.

How to choose the British council or IDP?

If you’re still unsure about whether you should take the IELTS tests through IDP or British Council, pick any test date you want, and also on the basis of which date you want the certificate for, after deciding these then choose that center. IELTS exam dates should always be taken according to your preparation schedule, and you should take the test only when you are confident. 

Choose a center that is close to your location, since both the BC IELTS and IELTS IDP exams are 2 hours 45 minutes long, you need to arrive early and be relaxed by the time the exam begins.

Another factor to take into consideration while choosing which IELTS exam, IDP or BC IELTS, is the physical features and equipment availability of the IELTS exam center.

Which is the best in IELTS

Everyone can now take the IELTS academics, wherever they are.  The four skills test will be conducted the same way as the computerized test at the IELTS exam center. As for speaking tests, the exams will be conducted through a video call with a human examiner. The results of IELTS online tests can be obtained in 3-5 days. All tests are marked by trained and experienced IELTS examiners. Even if you take the IELTS online test, your results will be based on the marks provided by these certified IELTS examiners, just like in an offline IELTS exam.

Regardless of which IELTS exam you select, your IDP or BC IELTS results will not be affected because both exams are conducted according to the same IELTS exam guidelines. The candidate must exert a lot of effort and hard work to achieve their desired brand score in the IDP result or the BC IELTS result and then move overseas to study abroad or to join their dream job.