IELTS Accepted Countries in 2023

as Language Proficiency Credentials

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is widely accepted as the
benchmark of English language proficiency in several English-speaking countries,
including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, New Zealand, etc., for
But it must be pointed out that different countries impose their own addenda to the
IELTS score as criteria for work or study, so the same score may be interpreted
differently in other places. Even your visa requirements will determine whether your
IELTS score is sufficient for a particular country.

Here is a list of countries endorsing IELTS and their prominent Universities:

IELTS accepted countries
IELTS accepted countries

IELTS – The Two Versions

IELTS is conducted as 2 versions:

IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic is for those intending to study in a community of English- speaking people, or in a University for higher Education. It is also taken for professional registration in such communities.Your IELTS Academic score will reflect your ability to study in English. The test itself is designed in the language commonly used in a University.You are allowed to take the IELTS Academic on answer papers, or a computer or even online at home or any other prescribed location

Immigration to other countries is ongoing for a multitude of purposesLets IELTS Accepted Countries

IELTS General Training

IELTS General Training is for those whose further studies are below the Degree Level. Usually, people who are looking for work experience or any type of apprentice training in an English speaking community will opt for IELTS General Training. Migration to several countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK require a minimum result in IELTS General Training. The test will simulate social and workplace situations that require routine English language skills to communicate.

IELTS General Training can only be taken on paper or a computer.

Minimum IELTS Band Requirement for Studying in Various Countries

For United Kingdom

For bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees, a 6.5 overall band score in IELTS is the stipulated normPrestigious Universities like Harvard and Cambridge raise this to up to 7, even 7.5. But this requirement varies at each university.

IELTS Accepted Countries​

For United States

As in the UK, noted colleges and universities in the United States of America expect a minimum IELTS band score of around 7.0. But in the US too this is not a uniform expectation. The band score requirement will vary with each college. For instance, Carnegie Mellon University accepts IELTS band scores of 6.0 or above.

IELTS Accepted Countries​ united states

For Australia

Australia views the IELTS band score from a different perspective. They assign different qualifying scores to different courses. For instance, to join a medical course you need a 7.0 score. A Bachelor’s course requires a score of 6 and postgraduates a 6.5 band score. 

IELTS Accepted Countries​ Australia

For Canada

Canada too maintains a more uniform requirement like Australia. You need a 5.5 band score in each module to supplement the overall score of 6.0 for graduate programs. Postgraduate courses, require a minimum of a 6.0 score in all modules to supplement an overall score of 6.5.

Ielts accepted countries

For New Zealand

Engineering and Teacher Training Courses stipulate an IELTS qualifying score of 7.0 Graduate /Undergraduate Courses stipulate an overall band score of 6.0 and 6.5, respectively. Diploma Courses requires score a minimum of 5.5 in their IELTS exam.


For France

French universities are very laissez faire regarding IELTS. An IELTS band score of 6 – 6.5 is sufficient for most Universities. Some like ISC Paris do not even ask you to take the IELTS admission.


For Ireland

Irish universities expect a minimum score of 5.5 – 6.0 for undergraduate courses. Postgraduate courses require between 6.0 and 6.5.

IELTS accepted countries

Expectations of Countries Accepting IELTS for Immigration

Immigration to other countries are ongoing for a multitude of purposes, that may include trade, professions, studies or other personal reasons. Native English-speaking countries that accept IELTS for immigration purposes include:


People hopeful of immigrating to Australia have established their English proficiency for the Department of Home Affairs to grant them a visa. Professional concerns acknowledge the IELTS score, though the minimum score required may hinge on the nature of the visa.


Immigration applications to the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) require English Proficiency credentials for them to grant a Canadian visa. All organizations and educational institutions accept IELTS scores. The employer or the university will specify the acceptable IELTS band score

United Kingdom ​

UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) recognizes all forms of IELTS tests, including IELTS Academic, General Training, or life skills, as proof of your English proficiency for applicants looking to settle permanently in the UK (also referred to as ‘leave to remain’ or ‘long residence’).

New Zealand

New Zealand Immigration will approve your VISA application on the basis of your IELTS score to ascertain your English proficiency. The nature of the course or organization you wish to join will ascertain the minimum IELTS bandwidth score.