Is IELTS Online or Offline Coaching Better: Complete Comparison


Candidates who wish to study abroad or migrate internationally for employment take IELTS, the standard English language proficiency test. In order to succeed in the IELTS tests, one should enroll in the best IELTS coaching program. Almost every candidate is unsure whether to enroll in an offline IELTS coaching center or an IELTS coaching online before enrolling. To help you make a decision, we will discuss the pros and cons of both training types

Let’s take a look at the benefits of IELTS coaching online. IELTS coaching online is cost-effective, since you do not need to travel anywhere to attend the class. To take your IELTS coaching online, you only need an electronic device, such as a smartphone or laptop, and a good internet connection. There are many institutes that offer IELTS coaching online at a reasonable price. One of the benefits of IELTS coaching is the ability to attend classes from one’s bedroom, without having to leave the house. It is time-saving since there is no traveling or getting ready. Candidates can choose their schedule and attend class according to their convenience. Candidates can get individual attention from the trainer compared to offline coaching classes. Students can watch the class videos at any time, they can watch it repeatedly as they access it. Candidates will have lesser distraction, they can focus on one to one preparations.

Whereas when you take IELTS coaching in IELTS coaching centers. Through peer-to-peer interaction, students can experience the competitiveness of their peers. When they see others outperforming them, they will be forced to push their limits. As a result, they will be able to identify their shortcomings and prepare accordingly. Offline classes provide a platform for discussion and new ideas to be presented.

Better method To Take IELTS Coaching

How to decide between IELTS online and offline coaching?

It is important to comprehend the format of the IELTS exam before choosing your coaching style. Whatever coaching type a student chooses, he/she should be familiar with the exam structure.

IELTS exam can be differentiated into two,

  • The General Training is for those who are interested in migrating internationally to find a job and settle in an English-speaking country.
  • The Academic Training is for those looking to pursue higher education in an English-speaking country

The exam lasts 2 hours 45 minutes. The IELTS syllabus includes various sections of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

This is a 30 minute test where candidates should answer approximately 40 questions. Reading consists of 40 questions and the exam duration is 60 minutes. For writing, candidates should attend two tasks. For Task 1, candidates have to write a 150-word summary of a graph, table, or process.k 1. In task 2, candidates must write an essay of at least 250 words on the given topic. For speaking, the test consists for 11 minutes face to face interview. Here, candidates are tested on their communicative skills and ability to effectively communicate their ideas.

IELTS Online Exams

Like IELTS on computer, your IELTS Online test includes Listening, Reading, and Writing questions. There will still be a human examiner for your Speaking test, but you will speak to him or her online via video call. 

The structure of both IELTS Online and offline coaching remains the same. It does not influence the IELTS exam or an applicant’s score. In different parts of the world, IELTS exams may be conducted twice a month or less. Additionally, candidates can retake the exam in a given year as many times as they wish until they meet their target score.

It is completely up to the candidate to choose whether to take IELTS online or offline according to their convenience and flexibility. With IELTS online coaching classes, you have access to comprehensive study materials that are extremely helpful to ace the IELTS exam.

Many students still prefer traditional classrooms because they provide a platform to meet peers and discuss brilliant ideas.illiant ideas in between. Throughout the coaching, students can interact with their trainer and peers. In smaller classes, 10 to 15 students may be present, but in larger rooms, it will be more difficult for students to receive the attention they need. For those who prefer IELTS coaching offline, there are a number of excellent options available. In Kerala, there are coaching centers that provide IELTS coaching in Kottayam and Kerala.

IELTS coaching online, on the other hand, allows candidates to learn at their own pace. One can measure their skills and learning to their previous performance.

Advantages of IELTS Online Coaching Classes

  • IELTS coaching online allows students to take coaching from anywhere under experienced trainers.
  • Students can schedule classes according to their convenience. It is time saving.
  • Online coaching classes allow you to concentrate on your learning more without any external distraction. The students get individual attention and customized feedback from the trainer.
  • Different mock tests (upto 30 tests) and other customizable courses will be included in the IELTS coaching online.
  • IELTS coaching online is considered as less expensive compared to offline classes. If it’s an online class, students don’t need to spend money on travel.
  • Online coaching provides recorded classes and students can access it whenever they want.

Advantages of Offline IELTS Classes

  • Offline coaching for IELTS allows students to engage with a trainer and a peer group to exchange new ideas.
  • Students who take offline classes have more opportunities to practice and improve their speaking skills.
  • Offline caching for IELTS also allows students to learn in a distraction-free environment where they can concentrate on their learning and improve their skills.
  • As a candidate is exposed to other students who are competing equally or taking more efforts to achieve in their IELTS exam, this will trigger their competitive nature, leading them to focus more on their studies to do better than their peers.
Better method To Take IELTS Coaching

Which is better for IELTS preparation: online or offline?

Both offline and online classes have their drawbacks. For offline classes, it is a waste of time and resources. When compared to IELTS coaching online, it is less convenient and comfortable for the student. Students will also not learn about advanced technology. Students taking IELTS classes online will not interact with other students or their teachers. This may lead them to lose focus.

When a student lacks motivation, they cannot achieve their target IELTS band in their IELTS exams. You can select the best coaching service based on how experts pay attention to the student’s performance and answer all questions.

Final Thoughts

Despite the pros and cons of both IELTS coaching online and IELTS coaching offline, what is most important is how students are motivated to study and perform well during their IELTS exam. The coaching should provide them with the confidence and efficient training they need. There are many IELTS coaching centers in Kerala which provide high standard IELTS coaching. 

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