The Advantages of Securing a Pass the IELTS Exam

Do you intend to move abroad for further studies or work? Are you considering whether to take the IELTS or not? Are you weighing the pros and cons of doing so? Are you wondering whether it is even necessary for you?

Then here are some compelling reasons why a pass with a high band score in the IELTS Exam is so crucial on your resume.

Proof of Proficiency

A pass with a high band score in the IELTS rating test is an emphatic statement of your competency in English at an international level. No matter what the purpose of your migration to an English speaking environment may be, be it further studies, employment, visa applications, etc., your successful IELTS ranking is useful at every stage of your career.

Global Recognition

IELTS is accepted globally as the standard of certification for proficiency in English. If you have to migrate from country to country over different stages of your career, your original IELTS pass certificate will suffice for any situation demanding proficiency in English as a criterion.

The reason for this popular acceptance is because IELTS is trusted for its standards of assessment and the methodology of its examinations.

An Excellent Program to Develop English Skills

The IELTS experience of preparing for the exam can be treated as an exciting drill for your proficiency. You will be interposed into a setting where native English speakers can interact with you to develop your English speaking skills in a natural environment. This is extremely significant, because during the test you come across numerous questions to do with your ability to communicate with native English speakers.

This requires you to express your thoughts coherently to natural English speakers, while comprehending their utterances with accuracy.

Consequently, by taking the training for the IELTS exam and doing the exam itself, you would have already applied all your skills as if you were somewhere abroad with native speakers. The test hones your talents in every aspect of communication in English.

Readily Affirms your Orientation for Academic or Vocational Pursuits

IELTS certifies proficiency in English in dual modes. There are two basic types of IELTS tests that you can choose from. – IELTS Academic and IELTS General. Your choice will depend on which Institution you aim to apply to or what your other personal goals are.

For universities hosting under-graduate, graduate or post graduate programs that you are proposing to apply to, IELTS Academic will be the appropriate choice. Whereas, for vocational intentions like work with corporates abroad or other professional institutions you would rather choose IELTS General.

A Highly Sophisticated System of Marking

IELTS implements very uncompromising and strict standards in their rubrics of awarding marks. This implies that a candidate has really earned the score that he/she achieves. This in turn indicates that your score is a very accurate reflection of how well you can communicate in English. In addition the nine band scoring system is pretty consistent as the results are interpreted in similar fashion globally.

IELTS can Open the Doors of Prestigious Universities for Higher Studies

An IELTS pass is a stipulated precondition of virtually every University abroad. The more prestigious the university, the higher the minimum band score that is required for admission.

 Some of them set a qualifying score of 7.5 and higher to gain admission there. But the general requirement for average universities is between 6.0 and 6.5.

IELTS can Propel your Career on a Thrilling Trajectory

IELTS will make your CV stand out from others. As it certifies your level of competence in communicating in English there will be no doubt about your credibility in the corporate or academic environment you settle in.

Since IELTS is known for its rigorous assessment of your performance, the level of commitment to your interests is clearly made evident.   

IELTS Trains you for Multiple Cultures

English is mainly spoken in the US and in the UK. But cultural influences on the language has radically altered the way it is spoken among different nations. The accent, the spelling and sometimes (rarely), even the meaning of words are different.

But IELTS covers all of these eventualities for the migrant. Trainers of all the major English speaking countries, explain the manner of speaking English in specific locations.

A Good IELTS Score can Advance your Efforts at Several Permanent Residency Possibilities

IELTS can earn you crucial points in your application for several permanent residency (PR) possibilities. For example, to receive 20 points for work experience, Subclass190 (Skilled Nominated category) requires at least 8 years of skilled employment in Australia. A Doctorate (PHD) from a recognized university, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take up to four years to finish, would be required to earn the same number of points for education. If you score Band 8 on all IELTS test components, you might gain 20 points for English language proficiency in the same PR category (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking). With diligent practice and apt guidance and resources, you can achieve this quickly.



In conclusion it has to be said that if you are in two minds about attempting the test now or later, the earlier you pass it the better, mainly because with every passing year the test gets harder.