• Draw up a schedule of goals to achieve
  • Find out what score you need (eg. For the Hospital you wish to join)
  • Find out how much you can score now (eg. with mock tests )
  • Close the gap between your target score and your current score  this is your main goal
Tips to pass oet

OET 2023 – Listening Tips

  •  Make a habit of Listening to some English everyday
  • Learn all 3 of the OET Listening Subatests

OET2023– Reading Tips

  •  Build your vocabulary ( read a little English, like a news item, every day)
  • Read general medical topics from a variety of sources
  • Keep flashcards to store new words – not just medical but also general English nouns, verbs and adjectives

OET 2023- Writing Tips

  • Improve your grammar
  • Learn to structure your writing for OET Writing
  • Find an expert OET writer to check your writing
  • Use the new words you learn for vocabulary to construct written sentences

OET 2023 – Speaking Tips

  • Find a partner to role-play doctor/patient dialogs
  • When alone read aloud to articulate well

OET 2023 – Final Tip


Feed these tips into your schedule structure and define your goals.

TOP 5 Preparation Tips

1) Listen to daily snippets of news, podcasts and other sound bytes.
2) Use Flashcards to learn new words daily
3) Write the meaning of each word on the reverse side, in full, well-structured sentences.
4) Find an expert OET writing coach to mentor daily exercises in writing.
5) Plan a schedule of preparation that starts well in advance of Exam Date!

Identify Areas to Improve

Identify which component of the test you are the most weak at by taking a series of
mock tests. You can concentrate your preparation in this sphere with more
exercises and special instruction from an expert.

Preparation Material for OET 2023

  • Find quality teaching, course material and methods of preparation for the test. This
    is crucial for your success in the OET.
    There are many online sites providing this. You must look for features like:
  • Extensive practice questions
  • Live classes with expert mentors
  • Writing and Speaking evaluation
  • One-on-one tutorials
  • Mock test

Who is Eligible to Sit for the OET 2023?

The OET exam has been specifically designed for 12 healthcare professions
including Occupational Therapy, Dentistry, Nursing, Radiography, Veterinary
Science, Medicine, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Podiatry,
Pharmacy, and Optometry.

Healthcare professionals looking to work or study in the healthcare sector in
Australia, Canada, Ireland, Maldives, Malta, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines,
Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the

United States of America are eligible to write the OET 2023.
There is no age limit to attempt the OET 2023.

What are the fees to write the OET 2023?

  • OET costs AU $587 or US $455 (US$ pricing only for those sitting OET
    on computer in the USA)
    For individual sub-test fees (only available for OET on paper) please refer to the
    following information: 
  • AUD $587.00  – To sit all four OET sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online
  • AUD $477.50 – To sit three OET sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online
  • AUD $339.00 – To sit two OET sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online
  • AUD $200.50  – To sit one OET sub-test, including the AUD $7 online
Tips To Pass OET in 2022

Where are the OET 2023 exam locations?

You can book a seat at a location close to you in almost every country in the world.

How are the OET 2023 Scores Awarded?

For IELTS Equivalence – The results are graded from A to E, specified further with a numerical band score ranging from less than 5.5 to 9. For CEFR Benchmarking 

The results are graded from A to C, with CEFR band grade B2, C1 or C2.

Important side note:


Otherwise you will lose money, time and waste a lot of effort.

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Best Tips to Pass OET in 2022