What is IELTS Coaching?

What is IELTS Coaching?

What is IELTS Coaching?

Are you aspiring to study or build a career in your dream country? Everything is possible in today’s world, only when you try to put in effort. Dreaming is easy but being qualified is difficult. But there is a better solution for everything. If you want to go to another country to build a better career you need to know their language, if it’s an English-speaking country your English language proficiency is important. Here is the importance of IELTS. We are happy to share about us the IELTS coaching in Aluva.

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. This is a test aimed to measure your English language proficiency, this test will cover your four skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. People who are not excellent at the English language will face difficulty performing well on this test. For them, coaching is an option to get better scores. 

IELTS training programs will help you to perform better in the final IELTS test for sure. So, if you are looking for an IELTS coaching institute we are happily welcoming you to the best IELTS training center in Aluva.  

hat is IELTS Coaching

Language skill development

Are you feeling insecure because of your lack of proficiency in the English language? You don’t need to worry. We are here to help you. Language is a skill that anybody can learn with practice. So, forget about your insecurity and we are here to assist you. we will help you to enhance the English language and chaise your dream. 

Our course is designed to focus on language skill development, so there’s no need to worry about anything. Just trust us and welcome to our IELTS preparation classes in Aluva.

Test format and strategies

There are two types of IELTS exams. One is the Academic Test and the second one is the General Training Test. The Academic Test is expected for students who plan to study different programs abroad. The General Training Test is for people who wish to go to English-speaking countries for a job.  

When it comes to the test format, there would be four sections for you to prove your language efficiency. It consists of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections of the exam will conduct on the same day and the speaking section of the exam can be taken either before or after the other three sections of the exam.

They will give you three passages, each with 13-14 questions the questions will be multiple-choice, matching, and filling in the blanks.

This test includes two tasks. In Task 1, they will be given a graph, chart, or diagram, and you have to summarize the information to write a report. In Task 2, you will have to write an essay on the given topic.

in this test, they will provide four voice recordings of native English speakers, you have to listen carefully and answer the questions based on what you listed. 

This test is a face-to-face interview with an examiner. There will be three parts The interview is divided into three parts. Asked general questions about yourself, talk about a given topic, and you will have a discussion with the examiner based on the topic in Part 2.

Practice materials and mock tests

Practice is important for achieving anything. So, we are given more weightage for the practices and IELTS mock tests in our IELTS preparation classes. This practice and mock test-oriented course will improve your language as well as help to build confidence. The IELTS mock tests help you to get an idea about your strengths and weaknesses. 

Individualized feedback and guidance

Individualized feedback is one of the things we initiate to ensure you get a high-quality learning experience from us. This individualized feedback and guidance will help you to grab the pieces of information easily and effectively. 

Exam simulation and time management

We will provide you with a number of IELTS mock tests and that will give you an idea regarding the final test. From the feedback from the mock tests, you can manage your time and able to perform well in the final test. 

Seek professional guidance

Seeking professional guidance is the key to opening the IELTS winner’s room. Highqualified guides can help you in 360 degrees. At Grace Academy, we can ensure the quality of the IELTS experts, syllabus, IELTS mock tests, classrooms, and the way of teaching. We will help you to build a better education qualification, a better carrier, and a better life. We are promising this because of the confidence trawe got from the alumina. We assisted our students to enhance their English proficiency and that lead them to better opportunities in their life.    

Our way of teaching will defiantly make the students better performers. We provide regular practice sessions and IELTS mock tests for their improvement. So, from these practice sessions and after the mock test we can find out the weak point of a student and we can provide them required attention. This will boost their performance. 


We take immense pride in our ability to assist numerous students in achieving their language-related goals. The foundation of our success lies in our highly professional and qualified IELTS Aluva experts. Their expertise and dedication contribute to our reputation as one of the premier institutes for IELTS training in Kerala.

If you aspire to pursue higher studies abroad or seek better job opportunities in different countries, we wholeheartedly invite you to Grace Academy, the best IELTS training center in Aluva. 

Embrace your dreams through Grace Academy and embark on a journey toward your desired career. Get in touch with us today and let us guide you toward success in the IELTS examination.

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