Lowest IELTS Band Score

Which Country Accepts the Lowest IELTS Band Score?

Which Country Accepts the Lowest IELTS Band Score?

Studying abroad can open up a vast horizon for aspiring students to achieve their cherished dreams. The charm of a new country and its strange culture can help a student develop an open mind to the scope of possibilities beyond his native confines at home. One of the initial steps to take to achieve this is to earn distinction in generally acclaimed and standardized exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE etc. But many students cannot score the desired ideal distinction grades for such exams like the IELTS. You must be aware that an IELTS score of 5.5 to 6.5, will get you admission into most schools and universities abroad. And even for those with a score lower than 5.5, there are many foreign universities that you can apply to, to carry out your determined plan to study abroad!

Lowest IELTS Band Score

Which Countries require only the lowest score in IELTS?

The IELTS Score can go down to 1 (rated as ‘non-user’). Most countries regulate the language requirements to IELTS standards, but only if they deem it necessary. Among all such requirements an IELTS band score of 5 and 5.5 is the lowest that is indicated. But it has to be mentioned that a number of countries do not require an IELTS accreditation at all.

Countries accepting the lowest Band in IELTS include


While officially holding 5.5 as the requirement, most of the B Schools in France do not require any expertise or scoring criteria in any language proficiency. Universities in France accept students and follow up with an interview process to assess the language ability. You will find the lowest band score in IELTS requirements in French Universities many of them not requiring it at all!


Lancaster University : 4
Durham University : 4.5
University College of London : 5.5


Universities in Dubai officially accept the IELTS lowest band score as 5.5 But candidates have another option – applying to universities in Dubai without IELTS or TOEFL exams. Several British Universities have established prestigious campuses in Dubai.


Candidates can apply to Universities in Singapore with an IELTS 5.5 band score and above. But candidates may find it useful to know that Universities in Singapore accept applications without any IELTS or language proficiency scores.


Universities in these countries accept applications with a IELTS band score of just 5.5.
UK’s Lancaster University probably has the lowest score in IELTS.

Universities in these countries accept applications with a IELTS band score of just 5.5.
UK’s Lancaster University probably has the lowest score in IELTS.

How does the IELTS minimum score requirement vary for each country?

Each country prescribes its own minimum IELTS requirements for purposes like university application or a permanent residence visa, or even academic pursuits of students. Here are some countries listed with their IELTS Band Score requirements:


The U.S. is probably the most desired destination for both students and people looking for employment. Everyone is eager to ‘Live the American Dream!’ The US has established arguably the world’s best universities in every domain. The minimum band requirement for entering the US for work or studies is 6.0 but Institutions apply their own autonomous standards too.

Here are the minimum IELTS score requirements for the prominent universities:
 Harvard University – 7.0
 University of Chicago – 7.0
 Yale University – 7.0
 Princeton University – 7.0
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 7.0


France is a popular option for students especially concerned with fashion careers. Many people would like to apprentice in the fashion industry in Paris, as the world’s top brands are collectively active there. Studying in France often requires proficiency in both French and English, depending on the University and course you are pursuing. Some courses are oriented for learning in French alone, so you will need to be assessed for proficiency in French proficiency or required to take a language course in French. For courses in English, the individual requires a minimum of 6.5 in the IELTS exam.

Admission to France’s top Universities will depend on these IELTS scores:
 Ecole des ponts ParisTech – 7.5
 Sorbonne University – 6.5
 University of Montpellier – 6.0
 University of Grenoble – Alpes – 6.0 or more

 Sciences Po – 6.0


Canada is a sought-after destination for Indian students as the country already hosts a vibrant Indian community. There are attractive scholarships for Indian students. Universities in Canada prescribe their own minimum IELTS score. Examples:

 McGill University – 6.5

 University of Toronto – 6.5 overall with no band below 6

 University of British Columbia – 6.5 overall with no band below 6

 University of Calgary – 7.0 overall with no band below 7

 McMaster University – 6.5 overall with no band below 5.0


Germany has always been a technologically advanced nation and Indian students are eager to study there owing to its reasonable fee structure and affordable student accommodation. Almost 300 of the world’s top universities can be found in Germany. There is tremendous scope for growth here.
The IELTS band requirement for migrating to Germany is a minimum of 5.0 in the IELTS exam.


Australia is famous for its easy going lifestyle and cordial citizens. You will find that the universities of Australia encourage assorted cultures, internationally famous courses and a wide spectrum of foreign nationalities among the students.
Students intending to study in Australia require a minimum IELTS score of 5.5. A score of 6.0 is preferred by the good universities and the most prestigious one will even expect a band score of 8.

United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom is the cradle of the English language and the administrators of the IELTS exam. The UK has traditionally been famous for its renowned universities. The IELTS band requirements for some of their top universities are as follows:

 Oxford University: 7.0 for undergraduate and 7.5 for postgraduate

 Cambridge University – 6.5 for both undergraduate and postgraduate

 University of Warwick- 6.5 for both undergraduate and postgraduate

 King’s College London – 7.0 for both undergraduate and postgraduate


 London School of Economics and Political Science – 7.0 for undergraduate and 7.5 for postgraduate In order to apply for permanent residence in the UK, the minimum IELTS band requirement for the visa process is 5.53.

A few details about the IELTS band score

IELTS results are reported on a 9-band scale. They are designed to be simple and easy
to understand.
All formats of IELTS use the same scoring system.
The validity of the IELTS band score in most of the cases is only 2 years.
The IELTS score is mainly required for migration to countries like Canada, Australia,
New Zealand, the UK and the USA. There are countries like Dubai, Poland etc which do
not require IELTS scores.
There are 4 modules that test the skills of a candidate on their reading, writing, speaking
and listening in English as a practical medium of communication language. Each module
contributes it own band score from which the overall band score is calculated.
The IELTS exam grades or scores the exam-paper in bands. The bands evaluate the students
on their reading, writing, speaking and listening ability in the English language. The band scores
will range from 1 to 9. Each range is interpreted as given below:
9 Expert user
8 Very good user
7 Good user
6 Competent user
5 Modest user
4 Limited user
3 Extremely limited user
2 Intermittent user
1 Non-user
There is even zero band score for people who have not attempted the exam.

Which Country Accepts the Lowest IELTS Band Score?

Some precise information from visa experts about how the raw IELTS test score translates into a IELTS Band Score Even though your answer paper is marked for points for each question, your rating is indicated by where those marks feature on the grading chart. Accordingly you are awarded a band score!

: Which Country Accepts the Lowest IELTS Band Score?

The IELTS band score requirements play a vital role in the process of visa issuance for residence as well as academic pursuits at a good university. The preparations for the test should conform to the parameters of the college you intend to join. Aiming for the lowest IELTS band score may get you admission in some countries, but you need to be certain that you receive some measure of quality education too.
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