Is OET Accepted in All Countries?

OET Accepted Countries in 2023

This blog aims to give a brief on the OET Exam, for anyone interested to know about the exam before registering for it.

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OET Grades For Nurses and Doctors To Get Acceptance in the US?

As per the official OET website, the U.S. accepted the OET test as a language proficiency assessment for
healthcare professionals. As a result, the International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and nurses worldwide
can enter the U.S. healthcare system using the English proficiency test – OET.

Grade Requirements for IMGs and Nurses

OET is recognized by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates | Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (ECFMG®|FAIMER®), the Oregon State Board of Nursing and the Florida Board of Nursing. Below are the minimum required grades set by the ECFMG and each nursing board that applies for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Nurses:

 ECFMG: Grade Bs (350) on each of the four sub-tests of OET Medicine, achieved in a single OET test sitting

Oregon: Grade Bs (350) on each of the four sub-tests of OET Nursing
Florida: 4 Grade C+s (300) on each of the four sub-tests of OET Nursing

Which Are the Countries Accepting OET?

OET exam is accepted by the healthcare sector in the Countries – Australia, Canada, Ireland, Maldives, Malta, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United
Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

How Is OET Scored?

  • The Occupational English Test is divided into four subtests, each of which focuses on a specific area.
    – Listening
    – Reading
    – Writing
    – Speaking

Below is a brief description of the OET scores and grades.

OET Grades for Different Countries

Below is a list of acceptable OET grades for different Countries.

OET Accepted countries
OET Accepted countries

Countries Accepting OET Clubbing

Combining OET grades / scores of sub-tests from 2 separate attempts of the exam over a specified time period to qualify for an overall improved OET result / score is called clubbing. Below Countries currently
accept OET scores clubbing.
The UK

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