OET Accepted Countries in 2022

OET Exam Dates 2022 in India

OET Exam Dates 2022 in India

This blog aims to give a brief on the OET Exam 2022 India, for anyone interested in writing the OET exam this year. Reading through this blog, may help you prepare better as you will know what to expect and a lot of additional information related to the OET
Exam is also included.

To book the OET exam you will need the below:


A valid passport displaying your full name, date of birth, photograph and expirty date that is after your test date.

National government-issued ID

Any single form of identification issued by the national government in the country you are sitting OET (this excludes driver licence). ID must be inEnglish and include your full name, photograph and date of birth – all these features must be recorded on one form of national ID.

Refugee and asylum status candidates

OET Exam Dates 2022 in India

OET Exam Dates 2022.
Details of OET Intake 2022 below.

What is OET?

OET is an international English language test that evaluates the communication skills of healthcare students and professionals who seek to register and practice in a Country where English is the primary language of communication. The test covers all four language skills – writing, reading, listening, and speaking, associated with communication in a healthcare setting. The test also includes real workplace tasks and
relevant language proficiency.

OET Accepted Countries in 2022

OET at Home

OET at home, is the facility to attend the OET exam from the convenience of your home, from any location, under secure conditions which follow the protocols for the exam and is remotely proctored. All you will need is a laptop or personal computer, a headset, webcam, stable internet connection and power back-up at home (considering potential power outages). You can book an OET at Home test by registering on the OET

OET Exam Eligibility

  • Age Criteria – CBLA, the conducting body of the OET exam has not specified any age limit for the OET exam, hence there is no age criteria for candidates wanting to appear for the OET exam.
  • Educational Qualification – CBLA has not specified any education qualifications for the candidate aspiring to clear the OET exam, hence anyone interested in working in the health care sector is eligible to apply for the OET exam. OET exam is accepted by the healthcare sector in the Countries -Australia, Canada, Ireland, Maldives, Malta, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.
  • OET exam for nurses: Generally, nurses are required to score a B in the OET Listening, Reading and Speaking sub-tests and a C+ in Writing and is required to obtain a minimum score of 350 out of 500 to become accredited nurses in a foreign country. However, for exact OET score requirements please refer to the official OET website.

OET Exam Pattern

OET Exam is conducted by the Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA) and the OET exam pattern is divided into four sections.

  •  OET Listening Section
  • OET Reading Section
  • OET Writing Section
  • OET Speaking Section

From the above four skills tested, the Listening and Reading sub-tests are uniform for all OET professions however the pattern of the Writing and Speaking sub-tests varies
depending on the medical specialization.

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OET Paper Pattern 2022

OET Preparation Tips

Aspirations may choose to study on their own or seek coaching from a coaching center. There are many good coaching centers in Kerala currently assisting aspirants in OET Exam preparation. Official OET website provides free materials which can be referred for OET preparation however joining coaching centers like Grace Academy can be highly beneficial as you get individual attention, coaching, customized course content &
study material and access to OET mock papers / practice test. OET online courses are also available. Setting up a time bound study plan can be one of the most efficient preparation step. Most importantly, make sure you find time to relax in between the OET study schedules and on the day before the exam. With persistent efforts and can-do attitude, you can definitely achieve your goal of clearing the OET Exam.

OET Exam Results

The OET website generally publishes the OET Exam results within 12 business days after the candidate attempts the exam. The results can be accessed via the OET profile or account.

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